Automated Attendant

Increase Sales and Improve Customer Retention

Increase sales and improve customer retention with the Automated Attendant solution from SpliceTel. Our professional recording creates the perfect introduction to your company, and online management gives you complete control of calls by department or branch.


Create the perfect first impression for callers


Complete control of calls during and outside office hours


Professionally recorded welcome and option messages


Configure multiple department options

Auto AttendantWith our high quality Automated Attendant service, you can add a professional touch to your number, gaining customer trust and increasing retention levels across the board.

Our expert Voice Recording services will also boost the quality of your Automated Attendant, meaning your phone line will have even more of a professional feel, giving you that edge over the competition.

Perfect introduction to your business. Welcome callers with a bespoke introduction and options message. The Automated Attendant offers a prompt and professional solution to help callers reach the required department or branch in an instant. The business benefits from improved customer service levels and an easy-to-use online call management facility for calls during and outside of office hours.

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